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Marketing to Millennials

Posted by Jemma on 03.31.14 | Category: Marketing

Headshot of Jemma Borocz Jemma Borocz

Over the past several weeks, in my discussions with coworkers and clients alike, I’ve noticed one term consistently at the center of conversation: millennials. It’s the group that has marketers buzzing because it is the first group that has, in effect, rejected the traditional means of marketing and advertising. Partly due to new technologies and partly due to a shift in generational attitude, millennials favor transparency and authenticity over the “hard sell” and place value in peer opinions, as well as the efforts of social consciousness.

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Museum Instagram Accounts On Point

Posted by Jenna on 03.27.14 | Category: Social Marketing

Headshot of Jenna Dundore Jenna Dundore

Can’t get to the Louvre this week? Just flip through your Instagram feed and find the Mona Lisa smiling at you among all of your other friends. This social media outlet is making it possible to travel the world and see famous works of art without leaving your office or spending a dime.

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Google Says, "Vote for American Idol"

Posted by Meghan on 03.12.14 | Category: Search & Social Strategy

Headshot of Meghan Stoneburner Meghan Stoneburner

Fox has partnered with Google to streamline American Idol voting in an intuitive and unique way that has left people shocked that no one else has ever done this before. Google has also used this partnership to sneakily promote its favorite social platform — Google Plus.

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